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Student Work One or Student Work Dropbox

Students will create something to celebrate Juneteenth.

The final project will celebrate the African American heritage and culture.

There are examples and research below.

All projects will be shown to the class during the last week of school.

  • The final project will be either recorded or shared live for the class. (90 points)

  • Students will write a 3-paragraph essay describing their project. (5 points)

  • Sharing project either live or as a recording. (5 points)

Some examples include:

  • Create a piece of music or rap song (record or live)

  • Create a dance piece (record or live)

  • Create a meal or special dish (record or share with class)

  • Create a costume or article of clothing (record making it and share with class)

  • Create a diorama (share with class and explain)

  • Interview and write a oral history of a grandparent or church elder (record and share)

Great ideas from from students:

  • Create a family tree

  • Create a sculpture

  • Create a book of family history

If you have another idea, please ask Mr. King first.


Slavery in America

The Civil War was fought over slavery


Jim Crow & the Black Codes

Civil Rights Era

Todays African American Experience

African American Leaders

Housing in America