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Grade 4

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Can you guess my favorite color?

Who Is Mr. King?

I live in the City of Buffalo in the Riverside section. I have two sweet  Pitbulls. Garf, my older dog, was found wandering around on the streets. He got his name from a funny story. Bella just turned 2 years old. She was a bait dog and almost died before we rescued her. I love dogs and have rescued 29 dogs over the years.

I also have two boys who are adults. My youngest son is Noah, and he will graduate from college this year. He works for Nike.  Justin is my other son. He graduated from college last year and just started a new job as a project manager for a cheese company. 

Before I became a teacher, I was in the Air Force and then worked for several companies before I started my own company. I have Masters degree and am working on a PhD in education. I have lots of homework every night, just like you!

When I have free time, I like working on my house. It was a drug house that I rehabbed. I took all the walls out and rebuilt every room. I love working on my house projects because it gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I finish!

During the summer, I like to kayak. My favorite place to kayak locally is Silo City on the Buffalo river. It's even more fun to go whitewater kayaking, but it can be dangerous. I haven't gone whitewater rafting in a long time. 

I love tattoos. Both of my arms are heavily tattooed. I will finish my left arm before Christmas. Tattoos are an art form, and I think they are beautiful. I like cloths. I have dozens of suits and hundreds of ties! I also have a a lot of Crocs, if I don't have a suit on, I usually am wearing my crocs.

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